Technology is the new frontier of human evolution, revolution, and devolution

3 Lessons from Breaking Bad for News Execs

Breaking Bad: 3 Lessons for News Exec “You’re right, I did lose a million dollars last year. I expect to lose a million dollars this year. I expect to lose … Continue reading

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We campaign in poetry and govern in prose. The colorful poetry of campaigning garners timeless admiration; the ho-hum prose of governing guarantees frequent perspiration. Therefore, our hearts and minds are … Continue reading

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Gender blindspots on Wikipedia?

As a student of Harvard Business School, I have chosen to evaluate its Wikipedia’s entry. Below is an honest assessment. Neutrality and Completeness I find this entry surprising brief – … Continue reading

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The Internet: A Mixed Blessing for Democracy?

  Is the Internet a godsend for democratic societies? My previous blog posts talk about the kind of social change, to varying extents, that Internet activism has unleashed in recent … Continue reading

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Sometimes Necessary, Never Sufficient

In my previous blog post, I examined Clay Shirky’s premise about digital activism: when technology changes the way we communicate, we also change society. I hinted that an important question … Continue reading

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As Far As Groundswell Goes

The groundswell is swelling, but is the promise of change as promising?   For millennia, we have relied on traditional institutions to make decisions about resource allocation. Institutions such as … Continue reading

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A universal law

Technology is enabling us with longer and longer levers. If we can find the right pivoting point, then all of us can move the world toward a better place.

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