Technology is the new frontier of human evolution, revolution, and devolution

About Techvolution



My name is Elsa. I’m both an idealist and a realist. And I believe in the power of individuals to change the world.

I co-founded a social enterprise, Agora, to improve civic engagement through the use of technology. We live in a world in which money and power are often concentrated at the hands of a few. To empower the silent majority with a voice in the national discourse again, we can no longer rely on traditional institutions. Technology has redefined many aspects of our lives – the next frontier, I believe, will be how we relate to each other as citizens.

I am currently pursuing a joint master degree at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. This blog is about the inspirations I gathered from a class taught by Professor Nicco Mele on how technology can help us re-imagine our community, our democracy, and our world.

Technology has and will remain a driving force of human evolution, revolution, and devolution. Hence the name: Techvolution.

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